Chickens as Inspiration for Artwork 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 1:54:00 PM

One of our favorite things here at The Farmhouse are our diverse selection of chickens.  We enjoy quite a few different varieties, which makes for a unique opportunity for the public when we make presentations in the local community.  Many people have never seen such a friendly flock and did not realize the diversity that is represented in Gallus domesticus!

We have practical chicken types who lay eggs - Barred Rocks and Orpingtons.  We have chickens that lay colored eggs - Americaunas and French Copper Marans.   We have small bantam cochins and we have Polish chickens, which are predominently  ornamental breeds.  By far the most popular of all our chickens are the small, fuzzy Silkies which are ideal as pets.

All these different personalities, colors and shapes have become quite the inspiration to my children in photography and painting.  Here is an award winning piece of art work from my oldest daughter Lydia.  A seven year old's colorful appreciation of our backyard birds!

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