Mildred - ONE LONELY CHICKEN no more!!! 

Friday, August 24, 2012 11:10:00 AM

While AVID HOMESTEAD has been a small clearing house for most Brevard County chicken code change concerns, there have been MANY INDIVIDUALS who have worked TIRELESSLY with us for making change a REALITY here on our residential properties!!!  Our stronghold of information in the south of the county was focused in Palm Bay and Malabar with two individual families who contacted people, gave feedback for any proposed rules and circulated posters and petitions to small businesses.  There were also two individuals in the more northern part of the county in Cocoa and Titusville who stayed in touch with us almost constantly, vetted articles and wrote newsletters.  While AVID HOMESTEAD has perhaps been the more PUBLIC FACE of this effort, it is really the volunteer hours of the hundreds of committed individuals who brought about code change here in our county.


I am making an effort to contact everyone personally for all the hard work they did, but some of our dedicated volunteers really deserve to be singled out for their unwavering dedication to supporting our efforts towards homesteading and a more sustainable lifestyle.  MOST of the people involved had "illegal" backyard chickens.  ALL of these people stood up and took risks and made some real effort in the community for things that they believed in. All of these PEOPLE operated under CODE NAMES at our house to protect their identities.  My husband and I referred to them as SKYPONIE, MR. Dean, Urban Hillbilly and MS. Naturewise ......THANK YOU GUYS!!!  I would also like to thank our NUMEROUS business partners who furthered OUR efforts in order to promote increased small business opportunities in Brevard!


ALL OF THESE LOCAL RESIDENTS never even considered that code change to allow backyard chickens could not be achieved.  While admitting that the PROCESS could be arduous and complicated, the option of moving from a "chicken outlaw" to code compliant was always our goal.  Encouraging RESPONSIBLE and REASONABLE animal husbandry has always been our motivation.  Fostering an environment of TOLERANCE and promoting individual property rights has also been a big consideration in all of our presentations to the county.  It is our hope that the beneficiaries and proponents of this new rule will responsibly practice the new freedom that they have regained in our county!!


We have also achieved our goal of giving some people RELIEF from CODE ENFORCEMENT.  In a nutshell, Brevard County has moved toward a SIMPLE mathematical formula for allowing backyard chickens in SINGLE FAMILY residential zoning:  4 HENS per half acre with lot size BEGINNING at .5 acres (1/2 acre).  The policy of code enforcement right now is ABATEMENT until the details of the code are sorted out by the Planning and Zoning Department which is anticipated by the end of 2012, just in time for springtime chick purchases!!!.  We at The Farmhouse are particularly thrilled because this will allow our daughter to participate more fully in 4-H activities.  If you are interested in learning how to raise your own backyard chickens, please see our resource page, visit our STORE for books to purchase or contact the University of Florida Extension Office at 321-633-1702.


Pictured is chicken MILDRED with her children owners.  THE KIDS ARE THRILLED that Mildred will now be allowed to have a few friends running around the yard with her!


Another local resident that I want to particularly mention is Mrs. Greenaway who lives in Palm Bay.  She contacted us through the website in October of 2011 and asked us to send her paper petitions by mail.  I passed along all the information that she requested and followed up with a phone call.  In our conversation, Mrs. Greenaway stated that she had LONG wanted to get involved in making changes in the county and city after code enforcement issues over non-native, invasive grass species being cited in her yard led to fines and liens.  Mrs. Greenaway is in her seventies and recently had a stroke that left her partially paralyzed and unable to work or drive.  However, she faithfully promised that if I sent her five petition signature sheets, she would ask her neighbors to help her get around and she felt certain that she could get 100 people to sign!!!  When the call went out for the return of the paper petitions, hers arrived right on time in my mailbox with all pages completely FULL!  This is the REALITY of what people CAN DO in their community.  This wonderful, sweet lady has been such an inspiration to us here at AVID HOMESTEAD!  We KNEW that we could persevere over whatever obstacles might be in our path.  We could NEVER let someone as dedicated as Mrs. Greenaway down!!!


It is just this sort of overwhelming POSITIVE response that has kept us going in our quest for code change, that coupled with the knowledge that a more active, healthy and knowledgeable community would ultimately be the result.  We have empowered families to help themselves and we have enabled our children to reap the abundant benefits of a better, more down to earth lifestyle.  The proof is HERE, in our littlest operative, JR DEAN - the chick magnet:




 Margaret Goudelock was a journalism major at the University of Mississippi before she transferred to the University of North Texas to pursue a more lucrative degree in Art History, Painting and French. There is a magnetic sign for Avid Homestead
on the side of her truck and a small soap-box in the back that she will happily step up onto with very little provocation.
She is joined in the flag waving effort to get your attention by her husband, Toby Napier – long-wearing sound board and brilliant webmaster for AVID Ms. Goudelock is the mother of two beautiful girls who are both enthusiastic,
creative and love animals. It is for their continued growth and the preservation of a more natural way of life that we strive.



re: Mildred - ONE LONELY CHICKEN no more!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012 5:29:22 AM wilsonbh

Why not bees?  In other cities and counties, heck, even in dense cities, one can have a bee hive on the roof top or in your yard.  But here in Nazi land, they control your every move.  What happened to our liberties?  The government and socialists like Chuck Nelson and others have made efforts to increase government and remove one's liberty.  Less government is the best government....


Bill Wilson

re: Mildred - ONE LONELY CHICKEN no more!!!

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Why not bees?

re: Mildred - ONE LONELY CHICKEN no more!!!

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